A New Start

In twelve days I start my placement at a sixth form college for my PGCE and I’m really excited. I’m excited for a fresh start which involves learning a new set of skills and applying them in a practical context. I’m excited to be applying the years of study and research which I have just completed, even if it is in a way which I didn’t plan to apply it. And I’m actually excited to be leaving academia, at least for now. 

Furthermore, I feel like now that I am going back into formal education as a student, where I have to go to classes and hand in essays at deadlines, I’m ready to be the swot I always wanted to be. At school I worried about working too hard because I would get picked on and when I was an undergraduate I wanted to make new friends and have fun. But now that I have my friends and my partner and I don’t care what my fellow students think of my geekiness I am going to work so hard this year and get everything I can out of this PGCE. I’ve even volunteered to be a student rep, something my younger self would never have done but I feel now is something I’d be very good at. 

Between now and then, I have a week’s holiday by the sea in order to relax and enjoy myself before the hard work begins in earnest.